We bring you the support you need to select your provider and operate the start and evolution of your IT architecture.
You want to computerize some tasks (quotations, invoices, books, mail…),
The internet is pervasive in your business You are interested in the development of mobile solutions (laptop, remote working …), or you want to network your existing equipment.

The strong points
  • Defining your needs and your specifications
  • Assistance to reorganize your business
  • Training in new applications (business management, bookkeeping)
Questions and Answers
  • Are you commissioned on the sale of hardware and software ?
  • Do you set the computer facility up yourselves ?
Beyond the requirement of holding accounts, what you serve your accounts prepared by our firm?1/ bring our expertise in the analysis of your business and you in your strategic choices.
2/ help build relationships of trust with your associates and partners (banks, suppliers, customers) through accounts of your certificate issued by a chartered accountant,Together we define the scope of our intervention to suit your needs and your organization: indeed, our intervention may extend from the care of your accounts at the production of your accounts.Heart of our business, we invest continuously in advanced tools that enable us to optimize the speed of data processing and reliability of information from your system.

The strong points
  • What is the cost of this benefit?
  • Do I need to purchase an accounting software in particular?
Questions and Answers
  • What is the cost of this benefit?
  • Do I need to purchase an accounting software in particular?

As head of an association, you have to handle a very specific activity.
We offer our knowledge of your industry and its compliances
* either to support you every day
* or to perform auditorship

The strong points
  • Offer an appropriate organization
  • Comprehensive keeping of your books or contribution for the completion of your annual accounts
  • Delegated management of the labor department
  • Legal and tax optimization
  • Management support tools: budgeting, management chart,...
  • Another mission: the legal or contractual audit of your books.